Beautification Fund

Sunninghill Community Ratepayers Association has launched what we call the Suncomm Beautification fund.  Proceeds from this fund will go towards helping fulfil our vision of not only, a safe and secure suburb but a clean and beautiful one too, one that works. Although we do embark on beautification projects as finances permit our main focus remains safety. With the current economic climate and the effect that Covid has had on this the Ratepayers over the past few years have put through way below CPI increases in the past few years. The cost to us however from various service providers has however been more.  This has and will put pressure on us when it comes to the extras we do.

Many areas have followed this route and we do now too.   Residents who wish to on a voluntary basis contribute towards the fund will enable us to create work  opportunities for casual labour to assist our team from time to time with removing illegal signage, clean and empty, public bins on our streets, servitudes, parks and green space. Grass cutting along Council and Provincial road reserves, litter collection, maintaining our new Maxwell Drive initiative and any new beautification projects to uplift our suburb and more.

By contributing to the Suncomm Beautification Fund you will be helping us maintain and keep our area clean and beautiful so that living in Sunninghill remains a lifestyle investment and owning a home a financial investment.

Beautification Fund – signup document – download, fill in and email to