Sunninghill Community Security – about us

Sunninghill Community Security | The security branch of your Ratepayers Association

Sunninghill Community is a registered Section 21 (non profit) company initiated by the residents and businesses of the suburb of Sunninghill – Sunninghill Community Security, the security branch of the ratepayers association came about in 2007 due to concern about the rapidly declining urban environment and increased criminal activities in the area. The perception of crime, grime and general environmental disorder in most urban areas has a negative impact on residents, staff, employers and the willingness of people to visit the area and thus sustain economic growth and development.

Sunninghill Community Security is made up of many facets:

  • 4 dedicated Savika Special Ops pro-active patrol vehicles paid for in full by Sunninghill Community NPC
  • 1 managers vehicle
  • More than 100 CCTV cameras in the streets of our suburb
  • 14 License Plate recognition cameras linked to SAPS wanted vehicle database and joint security database, giving instant alarms in the Savika Control Room in Sunninghill should a wanted vehicle enter our area.
  • State of the art Controlroom which monitores these cameras live right here in Sunninghill
  • Armed Response for our members
  • Security management that works closely with the Sandton Saps, Metro Police in crime prevention in the suburb

“Sunninghill Community Security, working together in creating a great place to live, work & relax in a secure and beautiful environment”