Ratepayers Association Branch – about us

On the ratepayer side we deal with:

  • Liaising with Council over service delivery problems.  This is a daunting task; however we have been more successful than most due to the relationships we have built up with the Council departments.  We believe it is better to work with than against and this has served us well, however should we need to, we do not hesitate to fight for our suburb
  • Identifying needed infrastructure and ensuring that this gets put on the Council list for our suburb. 
  • We are the watchdog for the suburb.  We check the Gov Gazette for any developments or rezoning applications and if need be fight and mobilise the community should these be undesirable for the suburb.
  • With sponsorship from businesses we do two litter clean ups per month; have planted over 5000 trees; installed two Madiba forests etc.
  • When it comes to Council and all other departments we deal with, being a strong and united community does give us a stronger voice.  We could certainly do with your help and support in our fight for our suburb.
  • Working with and liaising with our Ward Councillor on Ratepayer and service delivery issues  
  • Working with Council and the Taxi Association (ongoing) to find a solution to the taxi problem in the area by expanding the existing Taxi holding area to accommodate all taxis.
  • Liaising with the JHB Metro Police on by-law infringements
  • Look and feel of the suburb.  Grass that used to be cut by Council – we are now doing.  Recent examples is the K60/Van der Bjil,  Rivonia and Nanyuki Roads.   Litter bins that are overflowing that are supposed to be cleaned out by Pick-it-up, we are empting those to.  Removing illegal posters on lamp poles, estate agents boards that are illegal etc.   We have embarked on creating water-wise gardens on the main road islands in Sunninghill, including Rivonia Road and hope to fix the disaster created by Council on Maxwell Drive.  At present we are in the process of a Maxwell Drive beautification project, planting water wise plants and trees.  Phase 1 had been completed and phase 2 which will extend to the R55 will begin in spring.